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One week away...

As you can imagine my mind has been looking forward to the future, because in one week I will be traveling to Dublin, Ireland to begin my journey across 4 European countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and Germany. Isn't it funny how we look forward to something so much and then we when arrive at those moments we try so hard to freeze them in time or slow them down?

25 days is a healthy amount of time, but I am very much so trying to adopt the mentality of now when I leave. When I am in the middle of amazing moments I often find myself in the back of my mind saying things like: "Oh, man.. I am already past half-way into this moment" or "This time tomorrow I will be done with this." or "This time next week I won't be feeling this anymore".. and have the existential realization that I can't go back. I HAVE TO STOP THAT. I must take each moment and enjoy them and be grateful they are present.

I have decided to share my travel itinerary online here just to be transparent about where and when I will be.

October 22 - Fly out from St. Louis, MO, USA (5:45pm CST)

October 23 - Land in Dublin, Ireland (10:45am IST)

October 24 - Day in Dublin

October 25 - Dublin (10:35am IST) > Manchester, United Kingdom (11:35am BST)

October 26 - Day in Manchester

October 27 - Travel to Nottingham, United Kingdom from Manchester

October 28 - Performing at Hockley Hustle in Nottingham, United Kingdom (includes solo set and performing guitar with Emily Cavanagh)

October 29 - Nottingham > London (1:30pm BST)

October 30 - London, UK > Prague, Czech Republic (2:00pm BST)

October 31 - Halloween in Prague, Czech Republic

November 1st - Performing at Cafe Souterrain in Prague, Czech Republic

November 2nd - Prague, Czech Republic > Ulm, Germany (9:33am CEST) - Perform in Ulm at Aegis Buchandlung

November 3rd - Ulm, Germany > Zeil am Main, Germany (11:18am CEST) - Perform at Mambo Bar in Zeil am Main, Germany

November 4th - Zeil am Main, Germany > Frankfurt, Germany (11:57am CEST)

November 5th - Frankfurt, Germany > Manchester, UK (1:55pm CEST) - Perform at Flour and Flagon in Manchester, UK

November 6th - Manchester, UK > Liverpool, UK (1:20pm BST)

November 7th - Liverpool, UK - Perform at Leaf on Bold St. in Liverpool, UK

November 8th - Liverpool, UK > London, UK (1:47 BST)

November 9th - Day in London with friends

November 10th - London, UK > Liverpool, UK (2:07pm BST)

November 11th - Watch Liverpool Football Club play Fulham at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, UK

November 12th - Sightseeing in Liverpool (Beatles and LFC)

November 13th - Liverpool, UK > Dublin, Ireland (8:25am BST) - Day in Dublin

November 14th - Dublin, Ireland > Cork, Ireland - Sightseeing/Cork nightlife

November 15th - Cork > Dublin then perform at Delaney's Pub with Karl Deeter

November 16th - Last day of trip. Dublin more than likely

November 17th - Dublin, Ireland . St. Louis, MO, USA (12pm IST)

I will more than likely be posting a song I was listening to during my adventures in these cities along with historical facts and also photos of the places I visit, just to be able to take a more refined internal polaroid for myself.

I really appreciate everyone so involved and interested in my travels! I hope my documentation is entertaining, moving, and downright fun to follow.

This Friday night (October 19th) I will be at Scape American Bistro in the Central West End in St. Louis performing for you all and saying farewell for a little under a month. If you follow this blog and are a friend, fan, family member, or observer, I encourage your attendance!



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