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2020 was very hard for a lot of us and for me at times, but it was not all bad!! I have had the distinct pleasure to be a part of the Chart Your Course national songwriting contest sponsored by the new 2020 Lincoln Corsair and mentored by the incredibly talented Jon Batiste.

I want to give my personal warm wishes to Cas Haley and his family for his win of the contest and his future with Lincoln.

I also want to say to Edem and Anna what an incredible

 time it was getting to know them and I am proud of them and all of us for being a part of this incredible life changing opportunity.

A HUGE formal thank you to Jon Batiste and Lincoln for changing my life and showing me that the road and journey has ONLY just begun.

Attending the GRAMMYs was life changing last year.

I will be releasing a lot of singles this year in 2021, so hang on tight!

All the best,


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